Javier Robles
founder | creative director | designer

Lumifer was established in 2014, by architect-designer Javier Robles, whose passion for designing lighting and furniture for many years and his multicultural background inspired him to create the unique and extraordinary in every design.

A native of Peru, Javier Robles began designing and prototyping furniture and lighting pieces while attending architecture school at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. His first lighting project was named Lumifer (luminaria +ferro) after designing a desk lamp composed of construction re-bars.

Soon after completing his Masters at Columbia University in New York City, Javier taught at New York’s New School – Parsons School of Design in their Product Design and Interior Design Department. During these years he became more interested in designing custom pieces in conjunction with his architectural commissions, achieving a consistent design language across his work.

The creation of Lumifer became a response to Javier constant search for products that can be seamlessly integrated with his architectural projects. His ability to design and craft objects in different scales, helped define a line of products that are simple in form yet sophisticated in finishes and detailing.

With 20 years of international experience, Javier Robles draws from his deep architectural knowledge and cultural experience to share with his clients his passion for architecture, design and art. He founded Utopus studio in London in 2004, in New York in 2006 and since then has worked on residential, commercial and cultural projects throughout the United States, Europe, North Africa and Latin America.